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Sponsorship Opportunities
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Sponsorship Opportunities

RT10 sponsorship packages are designed for:

  • maximising exposure of our sponsors to the right targeted audience
  • showcasing sponsors’ business expertise
No Sponsorship Category Value
1 Conference  78,000 22,000
2 Lunch 52,000 15,000
3 Coffee Break (Sponsored) 26,000 7,500
4 Welcome Reception 52,000 15,000
5 Merchandise     
  a. Conference Guide cum Notebook (Sponsored) 26,000 7,500
  b. Conference Bag and Programme Card (Sponsored) 26,000 7,500
  c. Thumbdrive (Sponsored) 26,000 7,500

Important Notes:

  1. To view the full benefits accorded to each Sponsorship category, kindly refer to RT10 Sponsorship Benefits
  2. Merchandise sponsorship categories on a first-come-first-served basis. 

    To sign up as a sponsor, please download the RT10 Sponsorship Agreement and send the completed and signed copy to Ms Desi Kusumadewi.

    RT10 Sponsorship Agreement (Download)

    For further information on sponsorship, kindly contact:
    Ms Desi Kusumadewi
    Email: desi@rspo.org